Although simple intervention and basic hormone balancing may prove effective in a majority of cases, many patients will present with symptoms and underlying conditions that involve multi- layers of physiologic dysregulation and these cases can be more complex and challenging.  Even after years of experience with bioidentical hormone treatments and working to balance neuroendocrine symptoms, difficult and complex cases continue to arise. The need for a more complete and deeper evaluation of the neuroendocrine system with the relationship between hormone imbalances, neurotransmitter fluctuations is evident.

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At the conclusion of the weekend, participants will be able to identify the nuances of hormone balancing, the complex relationship between sex hormones, the HPA axis and neurotransmitters and recognize the complicated symptom presentation that can result from these imbalances.  Discussion will be heavily based on current research and actual clinical cases, including pitfalls of Practice and clinical pearls from seasoned practitioners. Participants will gain additional clinical insight and treatment considerations to evaluate some of the most prevalent and challenging conditions that patients present with, including depression, anxiety, altered mental focus and stamina, sexual dysfunction, sleep disturbances, addictions and dependencies, weight management, and chronic disease.